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Refined Harmony 48" x 22" Teak Table with Brass Border Inlay

Refined Harmony 48" x 22" Teak Table with Brass Border Inlay

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Border Boards Material
All MariTeak Tables are Standard with Sapele Border Boards with a Teak center. To upgrade to Teak Border Boards please see options below.



With its generous dimensions of 48" in length and 22" in width, this table offers a versatile surface area ideal for a variety of uses. Whether employed as a stylish coffee table, an impressive desk, or a focal point in a room, its presence is sure to elevate the aesthetics of your space.

The Refined Harmony Table's most distinct feature is its beautifully crafted brass border inlay. This exquisite detail accentuates the table's edge, adding an unexpected and chic metallic contrast to the natural wood. The brass inlay is not only visually striking but also adds an extra layer of protection to the table's perimeter, enhancing its resilience and lifespan.

The table's natural teak center, devoid of any additional embellishments, proudly showcases the wood's rich, varied grain and deep, golden hues. The teak's inherent oils contribute to the wood's vibrant sheen and protect it from pests and decay, assuring that your table will maintain its beauty and structural integrity for years to come.

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